Marijuana Dispensaries and Growing Facilities Security

As medical marijuana dispensaries and marijuana growing facilities are licensed in more western U.S. states, there is a “growing” need to install access control systems and comprehensive security camera systems at marijuana growing farms, marijuana processing facilities, retail marijuana dispensaries and businesses selling medical marijuana.

These security and camera systems are designed to protect the marijuana business owner’s investment, to help maintain honesty and integrity among marijuana farm employees and to deter potential crime or theft that could occur.

Technical Systems has completed extensive security installation projects for marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries, from small-scale closed circuit television cameras in a retail dispensary to installing 200 security cameras and comprehensive access control panels in larger marijuana growing facilities. Technical Systems can design and install a comprehensive surveillance system throughout a marijuana / pot grower’s facility, placing cameras on the premises every 5 feet, so there’s virtually no location within the entire facility that employees, visitors, or trespassers are not be monitored or recorded.

With THC and CBD oils, candies and packages that come in paper bags, security is also increasing within medical marijuana dispensaries. The need for security services and system installation is great as the chance for theft increases, due to the value of the products and the street value of the marijuana.

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