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Copper Theft Security Systems

Catch Thieves in the Act!

Copper Theft on the Rise
Copper security systems have become essential for municipalities and businesses across the United States. Due to the rising value of copper, thieves are targeting street light systems all over the nation. They are destroying box covers and cutting wires to steal the copper inside. In the process, they are damaging tens of thousands of dollars worth of materials, causing dangerous situations for drivers, and forcing cities to incur large expenses to repair the lighting systems and grids.

Far-Reaching Costs
The vast majority of the copper wire is being stolen during the late night hours. This is a serious and fast-growing problem in every state. Most importantly, the street lights are rendered inoperable, causing hazardous situations for drivers or creating security issues in dark parking lots. Secondly, the stolen copper wire must be replaced at a great expense.

Other Copper Theft Security Solutions only give you a video of a crime that has already been committed. Law enforcement is left trying to identify subjects on a dark grainy video recording long after the thieves are gone and the damage is done.

With Technical Systems’ Copper Theft Security System, police are dispatched at the first sign of tampering, giving them ample opportunity to catch the criminals in the act and before they have done significant damage.

Features & Benefits of Out Copper Theft Security System:
  • Proprietary System: Designed & Offered Only by Technical Systems, Inc. - a Leader in Commercial Security Services, serving Arizona, California & Colorado
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Wireless Devices
  • Cellular Communication
  • Protect 1 Square Mile or More With a Single System
  • Police Dispatched at First Sign of Tampering
  • Catch Thieves in The Act
  • Not Just Another Video System

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